August 5th, 2012

Preference #33: Naming your first child.

If you don’t like the names, let me know and I’m willing to change them. I just liked the sound of these ones. (:

Carlos: You and Carlos had been married for almost two years now and you were almost five months pregnant. You recently found out you were having twins; which both excited and scared you, but with Carlos by your side, you knew everything would be fine. You’d always said if you had twins you’d want one girl and one boy, which you were having. You and Carlos were laying around on the couch one night brainstorming names.
“How about Chace?” you asked, thinking about names for your baby boy. Carlos nodded, smiling.
“What about Arabella?” he asked, flipping through the pages of a baby name book. You smiled.
“Chace and Arabella Pena.” you said aloud, testing the names. “I like them.” you smiled, looking over at Carlos, who smiled in approval. “Middle names?”
“Arabella Raelyn and Chace Alexander Pena.” Carlos said happily, as though he’d had those names stored away. I sat up and pulled him towards me, kissing his cheek softly.

James: You and James were expecting your first child together any day now. You wanted the gender to be a surprise, which you both agreed, but eventually you found it only caused problems when trying to name your baby.
“Maybe we should just wait.” you said finally, on the brink of another stupid argument with James over the name of your son or daughter. You stood up to go to the bathroom when you felt your water break. You looked up at James wide-eyed. “James, the-the baby.” he quickly rushde to your side, assuming the worst.
“What? What is it? What’s wrong?!” he spoke incredibly fast. You turned to him, smiling.
“It’s coming.” you began to make your way out to the car as James grabbed your things, rushing you to the hospital. After a relatively quick, but extremely tough few hours, you gave birth to a beautifully healthy baby boy. You were sitting in your hospital bed nursing your son for the first time when James walked in.
“He’s amazing.” he whispered, carefully cradling your son in his arms as he sat down on the bed beside you.
“What are we going to name him?” you asked quietly, hoping not to start another argument. Without hesitation, James spoke, never once removing his eyes from the baby in his arms.
“Austin.” he smiled. “Austin Nathaniel Maslow.” he said definitely. You looked down at the baby boy who instantly looked like an Austin. You nodded with agreement as you watched them in awe; your two boys that you’d never, ever let go.

Kendall: You had just given birth to your first child with Kendall. It had been a long, exhausting birth and you had been extremely tired afterwards. After holding your newborn baby girl for the first time, you drifted off to sleep while Kendall went home to grab you some things. When you awoke, you heard the voices of five very familiar people. You opened your eyes to find that Kendall had returned with company. The five of them were sitting in various places around your hospital room bouncing names around the room. They were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t even notice you’d woken up.
“Savannah?” Dustin pointed to a page on the book. Kendall shook his head.
“Paige?” James asked. Kendall shook his head.
“Skylar?” Carlos chimed in. Kendall shook his head, standing up to pace around the room.
“She doesn’t look like a Savannah, or a Paige, or even a Skylar. Her last name’s going to be Scmidt, she’s not going to be Skylar Schmit.” he said seriously, wandering around the room. “She looks like a-a…”

"Madyson." Everyone looked at you, slightly startled that you were awake. "Madyson Hayley Schmidt." you said with a hopeful smile. Kendall walked over to you, engulfing you in his arms.
“That’s her.” he said with a proud smile, kissing your forehead.

Logan: “I think we’re going to have a girl.” Logan said firmly as you laid in bed together. He had his hand on your slowly growing baby bump, sure of his prediction.
“Oh really?” you asked skeptically, a large smile on your face. He nodded his head.
“In fact, I don’t even see the point in picking out a boys name.” you chuckled, kissing him softly.
“Okay Dr. Logan, what do you suggest we name our baby girl then, huh?” you giggled. He began to rub a circle on your belly, deep in thought.
“Alexie?” you looked up at him with bright eyes and a huge smile.
“Logan, you’re a genius, it’s perfect!” you smiled. Logan chuckled as you smothered his face in kisses. “Alexie Louise Henderson.” you smiled up at him as he continued to rub your belly. Five months later, Logan had the right to say…
“I told you so!” You gave birth to a healthy baby girl. You may not have definitely known at the time, but Logan knew that you were going to have a girl, and right at that moment you couldn’t have been happier to hear him say I told you so. “Welcome to the family, Alexie.” he smiled as he held her close, kissing her forehead ever so gently, treating her like the princess he knew she was.